Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Free Shopping Online without Losing your Money!

Credit Card Generator is actually a software to generate and validiate a valid credit card. It brings out all the details of the details of the credit card.

Preview: version 6.023

If you don't have a credit card and preparing to apply for it, Your search ends here, You can use these numbers for online transcactions without any cost!. These cards are used by hackers to make instant money by activating it for shopping on online stores etc. This tool generates 13-16 digit VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Much More.

Limited Downloads Only:
Only 31 downloads left out of 5000 till it reaches its download limit

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Terms Of Service:

1. We are not responsible for any kind of complaints from card owners.
2. If you want to ship somehing, ship directly(don't use paypal or any other payment processors as they track your records.) - Its upto you.

3. It is advisable to keep your transactions limited upto $500/card/week,(You have numerous cards).
4. Donot share it to anybody. It is strictly prohibited.
5. You can verify your paypal account with it, remember to use fake profile.


1. Is it Legal?
Ans. No, How could it be legal....lolz
2. Is there any chance of getting caught?
Ans. There's 99.99% no chance, as the card owners even may not belong to your country. The .001% is for those who do unlimited transactions using the same card, add funds to paypal and withdraw them to bank account. So Don't Do this. Its fine to use different cards.

3. Can I signup for adult-related sites?
Ans. Its fine.

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New HACKED Visa CARD Numbers with FULL Details

VISA CARD NUMBERS with VALID CVV(For Online Shopping)

Real Hacked Visa MasterCard Numbers with CVV's this Month: (International)
Total Number of Cards: 5489
Expiration Date: varies: [ 2014-2016 ]

All these are included in a pdf file we have created this week,

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                          [Downloads are not limited as we update the numbers every week]